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-Wishing you and the all team a beautiful New Year . Thank you for putting so much love in what you are doing.

You are a mentor to me.

JC Huon ~ NY, NY


"These are the purest essences I have ever dealt with. They have provided me clarity of mind and spirit."

- Dr. Chaka Khan
10 time Grammy Award-winning singer
and songwriter, author, and philanthropist

"The Sea Chi Peppermint Shampoo is by far the best product I've ever used to keep my scalp balanced."

(This product was custom made for Harv. Please contact Sanandra for information on custom products.)

- T. Harv Eker
#1 N.Y. Times Bestselling Author of
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

I am very impressed by SeaChi products.
My family and I use them personally because of the great care and love that they are made with. The texture and feel of these products is so smooth and I feel my body take them in so deeply with ease.
The results have been wonderful on many levels

Thanks for all that you do

-Satyen Raja
President- WarriorSage.com

Hi Sanandra,
I have used different kinds of mass-marketed cremes, but the one Sanandra has personally created with natural products is of superior quality. It is absorbed into the skin completely, leaving my skin moist without any oily feeling. No wonder she has earned her name.

-Yogi Amrit Desai
Amrit Yoga Foundation
Salt Springs, Florida

Hi Sanandra,
I am so glad I was one of the lucky ones to get my own Amrita Perfume; I dearly love it and wear it with much felt love and joy.
Thank you,

Napa, CA

Hi Sanandra,
The Amrita perfume is lovely. If you have a waiting list for the full size in June, please add me!


Dear Sanandra,
Thank you for the surprise gift of the lovely necklace. Your gifts are always thought-full and filled with love.
Your wonderful emails and specials are the highlight of my inbox! I especially enjoyed your most recent email regarding Hope. I think of Hope as the one thing I can always turn to (sometimes turn BACK to, when I have forgotten my way) and the truest gift in my life. So many times Hope has illuminated dark places for me, redirected my way. Thank you for always sharing. >br> Best to you and your loving associates,


I am happy to offer an endorsement: These cremes are soothing to the body and soul; filled with quality and love. Blessings.

-Alan Cohen,
Author of 20 Inspirational books,
including the classic
The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore
and the award-winning
A Deep Breath of Life.
Maui, Hawaii

Being that I am completely committed to using Organic products I am happy to say that for the last three years Sea Chi Creme has become the staple of my whole beauty regime, it is like my second skin. Using it keeps me Happy, Spiritually content and feeling good. I feel alive and rejuvenated. I Love it and absolutely can't live without it!!!

-Pia Zadora
Beverly Hills,CA

"Wow, what a rush! Add Sanandra's Kombucha Tea to your practice."

-Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith
Agape International Spiritual Center
Los Angeles, CA

I have been ordering from Isabella Catalog. I am a picky esthetician and I always go back to your products. Nothing beats them.
Thanks for making such great products!

Las Vegas

Dear Sanandra- I have written before to thank you for the love in your products. Now I thank you for the unconditional love in your heart. After reading about your spiritual journey and the Intenders of the Highest Good, I began the practice of positive intention.
Recently my family went through the experience of the critical injury of our daughter who was in a head-on collision. Positive intention, meditation and the energy healing practice of qigong are the tools that have helped me stay calm and be of service to my daughter.
Bless you and thank you!


I have a testimonial. I'm having great success with your sea chi creme. I have hair loss due to hypothyroid/adrenal fatiuge. My body has a hard time absorbing nutrients. I noticed that my hair line is returning. This kind of happened by accident since I put the creme on my face and well . . . around the hairline. My eyebrows are thickening as well. Now I'm using it on my scalp and I have seen much improvement. This is really a big deal to me.
Hair loss is so dramatic for women. For the past few years I have tried everything including hypnosis, every supplement imaginable, acupuncture, hair tonics and even the Hairmax laser comb. I have spent contless dollars seeing doctors, practitioners, astrologers, tarot readers, etc. ;).
Now I have finally become something I really wanted to be . . . a testimonial. Like most people with health issues, all you want is relief and to be able to move on with your life. Now I'm a Kombucha fan.

Chicago, IL

Dear Sanandra,
About your Kombuchi Tea: well, I can't sing its praises enough! This winter has been a particularly tough one for my family with colds, flu, pneumonia and viruses aplenty. Thanks to your tea, I have managed to stay healthy throughout the season. If I felt the slightest illness trying to get hold of me, I simply added another serving of the tea to my schedule. I honestly feel it enabled me to remain healthy and strong despite any illnesses I was exposed to.

Any time I feel physically low or run down, the tea has proved to be a rejuvenator to my system.

I recently undertook to help a friend on the road to well-being, after years of neglecting his health. He feels the tea has given him strength and enabled him to fight illnesses better, as well. As has been the result with me, when he starts to feel run down, an added dose of tea allows his body to fight and remain strong.

Two of my four children have taken the tea when ill and recovered quicker than the two who did not take it.

It has become an enjoyable part of my daily routine and I thank you for introducing it to me and my loved ones.

Kind regards,

-Diane Shannon Rogier


My sister recommended you -with all her allergies ...she loves your products. I am hoping that my daughter would benefit from the body oil because of eczema problem. Looking forward to receiving it ..KUDOS TO YOU FOR MAKING A GOOD PRODUCT AS THEY SAY ..."Quality is never an accident... always the result of high intention, sincere effort....."



Magnolia Texas

Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I TRULY appreciate it. My neck has been progressively wrinkling up for the past year; after only two very, very light applications of Body Oil (I barely put any on at all!) the wrinkles disappeared completely. The wrinkles do not re-appear even on the days that I don't apply Body Oil. Perhaps applying the Body Oil every other day or so will suffice.
Eternal blessings,

in Texas

I cannot love these products any more. LIFE CHANGING, have been telling all friends and family. Sanandra you are so beautiful and so are your products.


I'm loving the Serum. What a difference in my skin, especially around the eyes (lower lids).
Blessings to you


I continue to be so thrilled with your products! I am in the process of not only making changes about what I put in my body, but being extremely selective about what I use on the outside as well. Switching to your products, products that don't contain the harmful chemicals that so many of us have used for so long, has made a huge difference for me. The Sea Chi Creme is amazing and with continuous use of the Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Growth Treatment my hair has never looked so good! Thanks a million!
P.S. Love, love, love the Jasmine Sambac Lovers' Oil! I ordered a small bottle last time to see what it was like--I'll definitely be ordering a bigger size next time around!


I fell in love with your products the first day I tried them a few months ago, I have acne prone problem skin, even though I'll turn 50 soon. Your stuff is the best!


Thank you so much for your very quick reply to my question regarding the Kombucha Tea. This anecdotal information is very, very helpful. I received my body oil and the special gift yesterday - just lovely!
Thanks so much for all of the time and personal attention you spend on your business.
Have a joyful and peaceful holiday season,


> I received Sea Chi Cream for Christmas (I read the praises about it in the > Isabella catalog.) I have some dermatitis on my face. I have been given prescriptions from doctors that didn't work. Sea Chi healed it! So now, I am going test all of your other products.

Gales Ferry, CT

I absolutely LOVE your products. I am 52 years old and am told constantly how much younger than that I look. Just yesterday, at a bridal shower, was told that I look 25!!! Boy, did that make me feel GREAT!
I'm so glad I found your company. Keep up the good work!


I just want to thank you. I received my very first order of Sea Chi Creme along with some samples of other products. I am amazed at how great my face feels after using this just once.
I think I have finally found the products I was looking for that clean thoughly without stripping or drying my skin. My skin is very touchy and I had no problems with the creme or the Rose Geranium cleanser. I am really excited that I can stop experimenting with different products.


A woman approached me in the grocery store as I was looking for a new cleanser. She noticed I was looking at organic products and said a client of hers had introduced her to your Sea Chi line and she thought it was so wonderful that she promised herself she would tell as many people as she could. I looked it up online and am trying the traveller's pack to try a good sampling of your products.
I also loved the bio of Sanandra and am happy to support companies that stand for things that are also important to me...thanks.



Your products continue to be the best - thanks so much and happy holidays!

Fairfield, PA

I absolutely adore your products - I don't think I'll ever change to anything else, unless you come up with something new and exciting - I'm yours for life!


I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been searching longer than I can tell you for a skin-care line that I was 100% satisfied with. My search is over. I am forever a sea chi cream lover. It was definitely worth the wait. I am on my third jar and have "upgraded" to the larger size.
I just purchased the traveler pack and can't wait to try the other products. I am no longer "persuaded" or even tempted to try other products with all the hype and promises. I knew at once that my search was over. Thank you so much and your story alone is such an inspiration - here's to following your heart.

-Julie Swaffield

I received the order today ;o) As always it is sooooo heavenly!

I never was a fan of "toners" before. But since using the Sea Chi Rose Water & Kombucha, I really look forward to using it! I'm hooked on the wonderful aroma and how soothing it is to my skin ;o)

Thanks again!


I am really looking forward to this order. I ran out of my small bottle of the custom blend oil. I love it! I've been applying it to the psoriasis behind my ears. This area is very sore and usually cracked. The oil helps it and doesn't hurt at all. Most things burn but not the oil. Your essential oils are amazing and don't irritate my nose. I love every product you make that I have tried.
I would love to have your products in candles. Do you happen to know of any candle makers that have pure products like yours?
Thank you again for your special products.


Hi Sanandra,
Let me tell you how much I enjoy using the products. The Rose Geranium Face Wash and the Sea Chi Creme are wonderful. I just discovered the Custom Blend Oil and it's fabulous. I'm also trying the Sandalwood, Tasmanian Lavender Shampoo, and Leave On Moisturizing Treatment. Also, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the discount coupons as this allows me to try new things and order larger sizes.
Thank you for making these products.
Merry Christmas.


I just bought and received a sample of the Custom Blend Oil - it is fabulous!!! It is soothing my itchy pregnant skin like nothing else I have!
Thank you so much for your wonderful products!

Houston, TX

Absolutely wonderful products; I've been using the sea chi creme and my dermatologist has complimented my skin; I've been using the hair treatment and my hair dresser has noticed my hair is thicker and grows faster.

Mooresburg, TN

I LOVE this creme! It's a bit expensive, but it lasts a long time. And what it does for my skin is short of a miracle... I'm 51 but people think I'm in my late 30's. I love it! I don't put anything on my skin that is not organic, since everything put on the skin is absorbed into it.
Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Long Valley, NJ

This product saved my hair after a long illness. It is now growing in after months of coming out in handfuls. I know that some of this is just the body's blessed resilence, but using the hair treatment as a leave-in has done a lot to both encourage growth and to keep it looking halfway decent while first the peach fuzz, then, finally, the hair emerged.

Had to save nickels to get a new bottle since I'm not working right now, but the quality of the ingredients and the skill that you've shown in choosing them is worth it to me.

Man, don't I sound like a commercial..... Anyway, many thanks!

Brooklyn , NY

Dear Sanandra,
With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I was thinking, more than usual, about all the things I am thankful for. As I was washing my face with the rose geramium wash I realized that I have been wanting to email you and tell you how much I am thankful for your products!!!
I absolutely LOVE them. I have finally found skin and hair products that are organic, safe, and smell so yummy. I look forward to trying more soon. I ordered from the Isabella catalog.
THANK YOU for creating these wonderful products. Happy Thanksgiving and all the best of everything to you.


I was blessed to find you at the Extreme Health conf in Feb and my skin can't thank you enough. I have been dealing with dry, cracked and bleeding knuckles for years. but since I have been using your fantastic Sea-Chi Creme I have not had one crack!
I also suffer from a horrible heat rash when I get hot. After my recent honeymoon in Tahiti, where I spent 2 weeks scratching the skin off my feet to relieve the irritation, it hit me. Normally my hands are just as bad as my feet, but there wasn't one single bump! The only thing I can attribute this to is your amazing creme. Thank you so much! I am getting rid of every other lotion and creme in my cabinet and will be using this from now on.
Thanks, .

Louisville, Kentucky

I just came back from the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar and I wanted to let you know that thanks to your endorsement I am a new person now capable of anything and everything!!!
God bless you and yours
Good luck in your business and life,


I purchased some Sea Chi from you at TT1. You are a magical BRIGHT LIGHT!
Thanks for living your beautiful joy and mission out in the world! I appreciate you for that! You inspire me! YAY!
Thanks for being you!


I love your products & your company! I'm so glad that you have been successful in your venture, because it seems that you do everything right!
Please keep up the good work!! I wish you continued success & the happiest of holidays!!

Santa Barbara, CA

Hi Sanandra,
I love your products! The Sea Chi Creme cleared up a rash I had just gotten on my hand. I'd had it for about a month and I was going to start drinking Wheatgrass juice, and putting the pulp on it, but the Sea Chi Creme beat me to it!
Thanks, so much for all you do.


I love your products and your specials that you have...you run a great business. take care,

White Salmon, WA

I continue to enjoy your cream and send others your way. Thanks,

Madison, WI

Hello Sanandra.
Last week I ordered your trial pack and all I can say is WOW!! Thank-you for making such woderful products that are so simple, yet so effective. The sea chi cream is great: it makes my skin sooo soft!!

North Attleboro, MA

Many thanks for your wonderful products! I wanted to write you a short message to let you know how I've been using your products lately.
I live in Michigan and my skin is drier than usual during the Winter. One morning I decided to take a few drops of your Serum and mix it with some Sea Chi Cream in the palm of my hand. Then I spead the concoction all over my face and neck. It works just GREAT and gives me the much needed moisture my skin is crying for.
Many Blessings to you on the journey of a lifetime!

-Barbara P

Hi Sanandra,
Your new Facial Serum is fantastic! My skin looks great. You are a true artisan.Thanks so much,

Kiamesha Lake, New York

Your Sea Chi Creme and Facial Serum are a twice daily renewal for me.

Manassas, VA

Greetings of the season. I've been ordering your products for a while now and how I love how they perform. High quality, good for me, good for the environment! Blessings.

Mashpee, MA

Thank you very much for the special offers that you generously share with us. I've been hoping for one! This winter weather is really drying out my skin. The ONLY THING THAT WORKS IS SEA CHI CREME!!! It feels and smells amazing. This may sound silly, but it makes my face peaceful. (I have psoriasis and combination skin on my face.)
Thank you again.


I am a returning customer. Your products are of a very high vibration!

Incline Village, NV

I'm so happy with everything I've recieved. As someone who searches really hard for the purest and most vibrationally balanced stuff. Your products surpass anything I've ever tried, ever.
Wishing you much love and peace too!
Your new happy customer and friend,

New York

I bought your product at a yard sale in the Palm Springs area. I was mainly attracted by the wonderful smell. My daughter had been on an acne medication which made her hair very thin. I gave her the hair growth moisturizer and she felt it worked a miracle. I am very happy to find the product is available and not just a yard sale fluke!

Granada Hills

Dear Sanandra,
I just picked up my mail today and got my package. Thank you so much!!!
My sister loves your creme. I just arrived at her home just now and she just tried it for the first time. Thank you so much!!!!
I really appreciate it, your products, and of course you for being a wonderful person. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless you.


Thank you for all the beauty that you bring into this world. Your products are still the best and I am so glad I met you.

- Carolyn

I love the Sea Chi Creme and now i'm ordering more. Even my teenage daughter noticed a change in my skin, already. It's smooth and light, and the fragrance is subtle, a must for me. Thank you for a wonderful product.


Thank you so much. I so enjoy all your products and your wonderful treatment of your customers!
Kind regards,


I'm a repeat customer and love your shampoo and the hair creme. I also used the seachi creme for breakouts.

-Carol Henderson
North Carolina

> Just wanted to comment on how easy your website is to use. So clear and concise! Some websites I've used are so vague. Your site is right to the point and ask (gives) all the right information. Thanks for your products!!


Thank you so much for your wonderful products!! I've always experimented with different brands and type of beauty products; usually never really buying the same thing more than one or two times... I am now hooked on Sea Chi! It is all I use and continues to make me look and feel better than anything else I've found.

North Carolina

I am very happy with all the products I've tried.


I recently ordered the Sea Chi Creme and received samples of the lavendar shampoo and hair creme. They are wonderful. The shampoo plumped up my baby fine hair. The hair creme has added needed moisture with out weighing down my hair. Of course the Sea Chi Creme is great too. It has calmed a red area on my cheek. I've taken very good care of my skin so I wasn't really expecting to see an improvement, but I have. Thanks!

North Carolina

love this wash!!! heavenly...


My brother-in-law gave me a jar of your wonderful sea chi creame. I love it and now I need more. It has done wonders for my face and neck. Thank you!


Have been using your cream for years and can't live without it! C.

Flagstaff, AZ

Found your hair treatment, tried it and love it. My hair dresser has told me never to purchase expensive conditioners because they are all the same, but i didnt listen and bought your Leave On Moisturizing Treatment & Hair Growth Formula because my hair is SO dry and coarse curly. After using the product twice, it was time for a visit to my hairdresser and she asked what I have been using because my hair felt like a new head of hair!



Los Angeles, CA

Return customer. I tried the Traveler's Pack and I am in love with your products. My sensitive skin looks wonderful. I'm so glad I've found you.


Dear Sanandra,
I have been using your Sea Chi Creme, Rose Geranium Face & Body Wash and the Custom Blend Body Oil. I have been using these products for only a few weeks, and I have noticed a great improvement in my skin. I have adult acne and a very small patch of psoriasis on my face- WOW what an improvement. I also suffer from small patches of psoriasis on my body- the products have made my lesions less dry and flaky.

-Cathy Ciccaglione
Presto, PA

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I tried many different medications and remedies but nothing gave me any relief. I started drinking Sanandra Kombucha Tea last June (2003 and within two weeks my IBS completely disappeared. I am so happy that I have finally found a product that works! I put six ounces of Kombucha Tea in two quarts of lemonade and my whole family drinks it now and loves it! I recommended Kombucha Tea for anyone, especially if they have IBS or any gastrointestinal problems!

-Barbara Mosley, R.N.
Big Bear City, California

I purchased the Sea Chi cream for hair a week ago Sunday from you in Malibu. I have only have one opportunity to apply it to my hair, but I do want to tell you about a different experience.

Two days ago on Sunday evening I was entertaining guests and demonstrating my culinary skills with my wok. Absent-minded, I gave a swirl with the wok intending to spread the peanut oil evenly around. But my awkward movement led to oil splashing out onto my left index finger. I immediately washed it off and placed the finger inside a cold pack and continue to cook dinner.

Later in the evening I decided to apply the Sea Chi cream to see whether it would have beneficial effects. Ordinarily I would have placed aloe on the burn, but none was available. So, for two days now I have been applying the cream approximately three times a day to the affected area. The results are dramatic— what would have been a severe potentially third-degree burn is barely a scab and seems to be well on its way to healing with new skin growing from beneath. Additionally I enjoy the aroma.

I do not know the differences of your formulations, but I thought the essential ingredients would be beneficial. I am quite pleased so far with your product in this particular instance, now I only hope it helps me grow thicker hair. My personal vanity with regard to thinning hair led me to purchase the product as a test. But with this particular burn scenario, I have come to believe in the wondrous powers of the Kombucha.

Thank you for introducing me to this unique product.


I was concerned with red patches on my face. I found out it was rosacea and didn't know what to use on my face. I began using SeaChi creme every day on my face, and I no longer have rosacea spots. I also noticed my skin is very radiant, soft, and looks great!

-Alexandra Becket
Beverly Hills, CA

I found your Sea Chi Creme while waiting for a massage in a Palm Springs salon. I brew kombucha, saw it as an ingredient and didn't even test it; I knew it would be right for me. I had no idea how wonderful it would make my skin feel. I normally take very good care of my skin and moisturize daily, so it was not in bad condition to begin with, which is why I cannot get over the remarkable difference. Please don't stop making it. I will be back for more - my husband says my skin is like silk. I've already tossed out all the other cremes and lotions in my cabinets!

-Linda Marten

Sea Chi Creme came very highly recommended from my aesthetician-turned-aromatherapist friend whom I have known for 15 years. When it comes to natural products, it is her opinion I trust. She actually sent me a jar. Having highly reactive skin, I was incredibly pleased that my skin only reacted positively! As an aesthetician, I started recommending Sea Chi Creme to my most sensitive clients with grand results. Maine winters are rough on skin. I see lots of eczema and other non-specific dermatitis and just plain dry skin. Sea Chi Creme is a light feeling creme that heals beautifully, naturally. I really have a hard time keeping enough on the shelves of my skin care business. It is one of the first cremes I have experienced that is merely perfect for a number of different skin types. Thank you for caring so that the rest of us get to experience the quality and love you put into your product. I guess you can tell that I am proud to carry your product on my shelves.

-Ann Carey Sinden
Cire Skincare
Kittery, Maine

Having Sanandra as an administrator in my upstart company has been a blessing, I would always tell her," I wish we could just take you and bottle you!" Be careful what you ask for! I'll have to say being in my business I have a lot of people giving me things to try and to tell you the truth I usually don't notice "the extra energy" a product gives or a life changing euphoria another product gives ,but I'll have to say I really did notice a difference in my skin from this lotion. Not only that, but the essential oil blend is so soothing that I use it all over my body, all the time. It's one of life's little treats I give to my self twice a day.... at least!

-Tanya Petrovna
Native Foods Vegetarian Restaurants
Palm Springs, California

Dearest Sanandra,
I had back surgery and bells' palsy. Both situations I was given several pharmaceuticals that did not agree with my skin. Guess what? Your wonderful blend of oil keeps my skin looking fresh and healthy. I am amazed at the results I, am, with Sea Chi Creme. I have used it faithfully for many years on my face and chest and there is a remarkable improvement. God Bless and inspire your mission. I Love You.

-Irene A. Hall
Holistic Health Practitioner
Licensed Massage Therapist
Palm Desert Healing Arts Center

Sea Chi Creme is a quantum leap beyond commercial luxury cremes. Its ingredient list is of the highest integrity and has the most gorgeous aroma that only true pure products have. I love using it in my hands-on work.

-D.L. Bradford
Body Work Practitioner
Palm Springs, CA

I've used Sea Chi Creme and Oil for the past several years as I've traveled around the world and found its benefits undeniable.... As a tour guide, I am exposed to many different kinds of water for bathing. Also, due to my prolonged exposure to the sea and sun, my skin is constantly experiencing extremes. Its soothing, moisturizing benefits are evident. Less obvious is its subtle healing influence that energetically takes the edge off the environmental harshness I am exposed to.

-Ray Johnston
Ojai, California

I have lupus and have found it wonderful for joint pain and the dry skin problems. It's a super product!

-Jan C.
Palm Springs, CA

Hi Sanandra,
I just finished my first batch of tea!!! Very exciting. The difference in my energy level and health is amazing. You're doing wonderful things on this planet, Sanandra. Thanks for being here! Peace, love, blessings and wonder,

-T. Dean Adams
Columbia, SC

I was out of it for a week, and my skin really felt the difference.


I like Sea Chi Creme because if I use it morning and night, it keeps my skin puffed up more near my mouth and my wrinkles show less. My 84 year old mother is enjoying it too. I hope you keep making it.


Dear Sanandra,
Thank you so much for your stellar products and your kind, generous and trusting heart. You truly are a bright and shining star.

God Bless You,

Dear Sanandra,
Thank you again for your clarity and presence as you perform your role of medium and channel for the energy of the plants. My session with you, and the subsequent use of your products has made a dramatic change in my life and in my work.

I have used the personalized 'spray of blessings' in my treatment room each day after meditation and yoga, and the results are that there are people coming into my practice who are even more than I had imagined. There is appearing a quality of patient that is every practitioner's dream.

The intention that I set for my personal life has also unfolded in a very easy and agreeable way, as I continue to use the scent of the plants that you helped me to choose intuitively.

Those were intentions that I had set. What came as a complete surprise to me is my response to the Sea Chi Creme. When you gave me the sample, I thought it was just a very nice creme with a pleasant smell. But the results are amazing. I began using it one day instead of my usual pharmacy prescription, and a painful and disconcerting skin problem is disappearing with no more pain at all. Now I am using it regularly as a preventive, and I am ordering two large pump bottles of it plus several small travel sizes for trips and for gifts to introduce it to friends.

I look forward to seeing what continues to unfold as I use your products. I also encourage you to take note that you carry a powerful ability to assist people in realizing a potential that they may not even be conscious is theirs. You use plants that are widely known, but you introduce them to people in a way that allows them to achieve their dreams.

About 15 years ago I saw an art film entitled 'The Sorceress.' It was about a woman in medieval times who used plants to heal. She was misunderstood by many, but revered by those who could see who she was. Regardless of how many revere you and how many misunderstand you, I hope you continue to recognize that you are an expression of the Divine Mother here on earth.

Many blessings,
Thomas Eyring, L.Ac.



Dear Sanandra,
I've passed your products along to family members and it has really helped one of my sisters with her skin problems (it's a genetic flaw called Darier's disease - she gets flare-ups and irritation) and while it will never go away it has given some relief to the redness and itching. I think your products and way of commerce are just lovely - please don't give it up anytime soon!

Warm regards,


Thanks for making such nice products!

Lisa ~ Arlington, VA


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01.Sea Chi Creme 4.17 oz./125 ml. Glass Jar
02.NEW Gingabuchi Kombuchi Tea - 24 oz / 710 ml Plastic Bottle
03.Leave On Moisturizing Treatment & Hair Growth Formula 8oz/240ml
04.Leave On Moisturizing Treatment & Hair Growth Formula 16oz/480ml
05.Rose Geranium Face and Body Wash 16oz/480ml.
06.Rose Water & Kombuchi Firming Facial Toner 4 oz./120 ml.
07.Rose Geranium Face and Body Wash 8oz/240ml
08.Tasmanian Lavender Shampoo 16oz/480ml
09.Sea Chi Creme - 8 oz./240 ml. Amber Glass Bottle
10.Sea Chi Creme - 2 oz./60 ml. Glass Jar