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Many of you have asked about my Peru trip and I must say it has been difficult to capture the vastness of such an experience and write it down.

I traveled with 40 other wonderfully Enlightened Beings from Warrior Sage out of Canada. We were led by it's founder Satyen Raja, his wife Suzanne and their two children Satori and Shaman, as well as our other Awesome guides Kristi and Kassim.

We spent our first week travelling, visiting, and hiking, and hiking :) in and out of the many Sacred sites in Peru. We would Give Thanks and do Ceremony with our guide Don Jorge Luis from Lake Titicaca.

The second week we travelled by boat to Corto Maltes which is along the river out of Puerto Maldonado. It is a wonderful retreat site in the jungle. On the boat we met our Shaman Diego, his amazing wife Milagros, and their baby boy. The experience with these Amazing Beings changed my life forever in a very profound way.


Notes from the trip

 I choose love. I send love to all beings.
I breathe down my front, circulate up my spine, over my heart. Tongue to the roof of my mouth, I recognize what is in this moment. I return to my core essence. There is no such thing as transformation, there is nothing to transform. We are perfect, whole, and complete at our core.
Three part breath. Teach me in a gentle way
Noble silence. Let the wisdom in my words be greater than that of the silence that I have broken.
I keep opening and sending love. Let it be. Let it breathe.
Live a simple life. Simplicity of heart. Sit in uncertainty with an open heart.
Care for one another. Relax the shells that bind God's presence.
Rest in the unchanging. What is real cannot be threatened.
Be humble. Better a broken arm than a broken spirit (children).
I am gentle and I soften myself. Give to me the wisdom in a way that I can integrate it in my life.
I love my body in every way. I remember my core vital essence.
Transcend anything by loving it. We tend to get what we expect.
Our space friends travel with their etheric bodies. Love without fear. Right hand on heart. Left hand on the solar plexus.
I don't look at my footsteps. I have no personal history. My inner world of wisdom connects me with the mother.
I find myself boring and humanity interesting. I leave space for magic to happen.
Mastery is a moment to moment practice. I make my work a sacred practice.
I give up my attachments. Condor represents infinity and eternity.
I give what I don't have and didn't get as a child. Puma represents the present.
I intend to develop more consciousness. Snake represents the inner world that is always young and renewed.
Be a better person. The lake represents the feminine.
I love others even when I am fucked up. The mountains represent the masculine.
I have divine courtesy. Feel infinitely in and infinitely out.
I don't know anything. I notice my noticing.
I let the flow of life bring me what I need. I trust in the process of my life.