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For the last several years I have been Blessed to be a participant with Warrior Sage out of Canada. Recently my partner and I went to Hawaii for a week of deep learning and discovery about ourselves and our relationship. Following is but a wee bit of an example of what I learned. I highly recommend this course to those, such as we, who are Spiritually Awakening and are willing to open up, expose, and move beyond those places of closure within our beings that prevent us from Loving Fully.

I found out right away that those places in me were the very areas crying to be Loved Open. I had created these "positions" of opinion and gathered evidence to support them, meanwhile crushing the sweetness of this new joyous connection I had found with my beloved. I was attached to the way it/he must be for me to give all of my LOVE, Trust, and Commitment.

Throughout the week, moment to moment I peeled away shells that had been there for many life times, I believe. I find it difficult to really explain the depth at which we were operating, so I will share my notes with you and perhaps you will find a nugget or two that may serve you in some way.

Much Love,

Notes from the trip

We are here to Magnify Love. Every meeting is an opportunity to exchange gifts.
We are either Growing or dying. Life is Easy - Are you willing to do it Joyfully?
Discover the Truth about what is happening. Sawu-bona - I see you (greeting).
Commit to staying with it. Sikona - I am here (response).
What if you would never leave or they could never hurt you? You come to Life because of the other.
Put your relationship first. Rework your languaging patterns.
Loving no matter what - the power of Adoration, Love, and Praise. Don't Imprison.
Eliminate the threat of leaving. Give your partner more Trust than they deserve.
Forgive all of those little things. I keep identifying myself as a New Being.
Daily Intimacy (full engagement, open your heart, hold nothing back). Be Open to Newness.
Give each other room to move around in. Keep re-creating your relationship.
Create a soft place to land. I give our relationship a Fresh Start.
Our space friends travel with their etheric bodies. I give Myself a Fresh Start.
Loving Truth and the power of vulnerability. I give You a Fresh Start.
Seeing the Higher Meaning and Constant Growth. Commitment is the doorway to Freedom.
The Power of Appreciation. I know you always have a positive intent for my Heart.
We have a Spiritual purpose to serve each other. Create and Build Trust and Respect.
We are One Being showing up in Two Bodies. Open in the midst of it. .
Share Life, Humor, Music & Sexuality. Open To Me.
Our relationship is a House.
You and I are moving towards the same thing, hand in hand. Bring Him/Her into Your Heart.
I see you with brand new eyes. Honor each others need for space
Eliminate acidic sarcasm. Relationship is: harmony - disharmony - repair
Love is Eternal, so it takes its time.