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I wanted to share with you one of many profound experiences I had with the Sea Chi Crème on my pets. One of my pets is a Xolo (hairless dog), and out of the blue, he started to continually lick the tops of his front paws. He had licked them so much that he had multi small scabby bumps. I thought about his diet, but he is on one of the best holistic foods, so I ruled that out. I tried some basic treatments with no luck. Since I use the Sea Chi Crème on myself, one morning I put a small amount of the cream on the top of each paw and continued this once each day for three days. I was totally amazed that in just three days he was not licking his paws, and within a week the bumps were gone and his skin was totally clear. I think the Sea Chi Crème performs miracles for pets as well. Thank you for this outstanding product and the miracles you put into each jar.

Notes from the trip

Animals Talk, Palm Springs, California