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I purchased the Sea Chi Crème for hair a week ago Sunday from you in Malibu. I have only had one opportunity to apply it to my hair, but I do want to tell you about a different experience.

Two days ago on Sunday evening I was entertaining guests and demonstrating my culinary skills with my wok. Absent-minded, I gave a swirl with the wok intending to spread the peanut oil evenly around. But my awkward movement led to oil splashing out onto my left index finger. I immediately washed it off and placed the finger inside a cold pack and continue to cook dinner.

 Later in the evening I decided to apply the Sea Chi Crème to see whether it would have beneficial effects. Ordinarily I would have placed aloe on the burn, but none was available. So, for two days now I have been applying the cream approximately three times a day to the affected area. The results are dramatic, what would have been a severe potentially third-degree burn is barely a scab and seems to be well on its way to healing with new skin growing from beneath. Additionally I enjoy the aroma.

I do not know the differences of your formulations, but I thought the essential ingredients would be beneficial. I am quite pleased so far with your product in this particular instance, now I only hope it helps me grow thicker hair. My personal vanity with regard to thinning hair led me to purchase the product as a test. But with this particular burn scenario, I have come to believe in the wondrous powers of the Kombucha.

Thank you for introducing me to this unique product.