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I'm having great success with your Sea Chi Crème. I have hair loss due to hypothyroid/adrenal fatigue. My body has a hard time absorbing nutrients. I noticed that my hairline is returning. This kind of happened by accident since I put the crème on my face and well . . . around the hairline. My eyebrows are thickening as well. Now I'm using it on my scalp and I have seen much improvement. This is really a big deal to me.

Hair loss is so dramatic for women. For the past few years I have tried everything including hypnosis, every supplement imaginable, acupuncture, hair tonics and even the Hairmax laser comb. I have spent countless dollars seeing doctors, practitioners, astrologers, tarot readers, etc. ;).

Now I have finally become something I really wanted to be … a testimonial. Like most people with health issues, all you want is relief and to be able to move on with your life. Now I'm a Kombucha fan.

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Chicago, IL