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Thank you so much for creating and maintaining such a wonderful product line! My hair began thinning about 3 years ago (when I started a new medication). At first, I didn't mind because I had thick hair that had always been a challenge to manage. But, I began to get really panicked last spring. After an extra stressful year combined with late nights and unhealthy eating patterns, clumps had been falling out pretty continuously. I tried several natural remedies, including other organic hair lines and sprays. I even used different types of oils on my scalp, hoping to heal the problem. When I stumbled onto your product, I had become pretty hopeless. I felt like there was something unique about your items.... Honestly, I am so blessed by your company. The entire experience of ordering is a pleasure. Shipping to IL is so fast! There are always samples of more amazing products to try with each order! The best news of all, my hair stopped falling out after about 3 weeks. I don't have to use it daily, and yet my hair continues to grow like a weed! I have sprigs of new growth all over my head, and I've even been putting it on my eyebrows, which were also very thin. I just wanted to thank you for your time, wisdom, and care! I've already been recommending your products to anyone who asks about my hair growth and I hope more people will find the help they need. It was so scary to be losing hair and not know how to stop it! I thank God for finding you, as it was an answer to my prayers. I hope and pray He blesses you all! Thank you so much,

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Lombard, Illinois