Jasmine Sambac Lovers Body Oil

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What Are Customers Saying About Jasmine Sambac Lovers Body Oil?

Hello Wonderful Ones at Sea Chi Organics! Happy Anniversary! OMG what a special time! My absolute Sea Chi Organics fave is the Jasmine Sambac Lovers Body Oil! That was the very first product I bought and it is heavenly and magical. I use it after my shower or bath and I love the smell and the feel. With love and peace and celebratory joy!
— Kristin K

In India, Jasmine Sambac is considered the Flower of Love. Its sweet, intoxicating scent will take you out of your head and into your Heart.

Our Jasmine Sambac Absolute is extracted with CO2. Of all the extraction methods, this creates the purest aroma, the closest to a Jasmine bush blooming in the night. Jasmine helps to center you in the present and tone the skin.

Certified Organic Golden Jojoba Seed Oil is the most similar to our own natural body oil, making it an incredible moisturizer for all skin types. This rich oil absorbs quickly, leaving your skin soft and glowing, without any heaviness or greasy after-feel.

Use this sensual oil for massage with your beloved, in the bath, or on your body after bathing to open your heart.


You can use our body oils in the bath, after bathing in place of lotions, and for massage.

In the Bath:

Add approximately ½ oz to running water and let the scent take you out of your head and into your Heart.

After Bath or Shower:

Smooth over damp skin in place of lotion for a soft, glowing complexion. Take a deep breath and enjoy the sweet scent for a moment while the oil absorbs, nourishing your skin.

To enrich your experience, mix the oil with our Sea Chi Crème, and smooth over the whole body.


Our Organic Golden Jojoba Seed Oil base is the perfect massage oil, allowing a smooth glide along the skin. It is easily absorbed, leaving the skin nourished and moisturized but not greasy, while the essential oils penetrate deep into the body.

Warm the oil by rubbing it between your hands before applying. Take a deep breath, inhaling the scent and centering yourself before beginning the massage.


Common Name:

Organic Golden Jojoba Seed Oil blended with Indian Jasmine Sambac Absolute.

Botanical Name (INCI):

*Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Jasmin Sambac Absolute 

*Denotes Organic + Wildcrafted

(INCI) International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients

No GMOs, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, petroleum-based products, parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic ingredients or fragrances.


General Precautions: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. Persons with allergies should exercise caution.

Made With Love
Tested on Friends Not Animals

Customer Reviews

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The fragrance is lavishly beautiful <3 The feel is silky smooth (not sticky at all). The use is multi purposeful. The result is super stellar. My skin, hair and nose love this rejuvenating, relaxing, happy, peaceful, empowering, healing oil. Another amazingly special potion from the superior Sea Chi Organics!!

Reminds me of Italy

I've loved the scent of jasmine ever since I first visited Capri and this scent was wafting through the air. I'm with the other reviewer who said, 'this just makes me happy,' and we can all use a little more of that!

Love this stuff

I absolutely love the scent of this wonderful oil. I mix it with the Sea Chi moisturizer for heavenly scented skin.

Reformed Fragrance Junkie

I discovered Sea Chi products years ago when making an across the board switch to sun block, makeup, moisturizers, etc. that were healthier for my skin. Toxic perfumes have been the hardest for me to give up because I love fragrance so much! However, I should have known that when I was finally ready to give up those unhealthy fragrances, I could depend on Sea Chi for an out of the park substitute! I can use this oil without worry, knowing that I am not putting anything unhealthy on my skin, plus it smells beyond heavenly. Sea Chi continues to supply top quality products that can be used without fear. If you are not a Sea Chi customer and are considering becoming one, don't hesitate to buy this or any other Sea Chi product--I promise you won't be disappointed!

Simply 5 drops!

I love this as a bath oil. I simply put 3-5 drops in my bath swish it around, get in, and after my bath my skin is not dry. It is moist, not oily either. Perfection.