Sharing Love Card - Heart Mandala No 1

5x7 Single Card - $4.25 - $4.25

This is the first card in our Sharing Love Card Collection! The front features our Sea Chi heart mandala made of fresh flowers and leaves. The inside is blank for you to include your own message.

Perfect for valentines, thank you notes, invitations, love letters, or any occasion that calls for a note from the heart.

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carolyn agosta
Heart Cards

Every time i send these cards - whether for a birthday or thank you or sympathy - i feel like i'm sending LOVE across the world. And the response back that i get is: Wow! Beautiful. Thank you so much for creating these beautiful mandala cards for me to send. I so appreciate them. And so do the recipients!

carolyn Agosta
Another Love Card

Really Love this card. It's beautiful and expresses sentiments that are heartfelt. I Love sending this and people love receiving it!

Beautiful cards

Your cards are beautiful, I wish you much success with them.
Card stock and envelope stock don't match. I believe matt stock is environmentally more friendly.
Are either made from recycled paper? If so there is no mention of this on the back of the cards.
It's important to many potential customers.
I'd have checked 5 stars if the cards were all of the above. Perhaps they will be on the next printing.

Thank You Nan! Stay tuned! We are in the process of receiving samples and finding the best recycled paper options and will be including the recycled mark on the back of the card on the next printing. One of our cards ( Heart Mandala No 3) was been printed on recycled paper, the other two on bio- degradable. This is a new venture for us and we are learning a lot through the process and as always are committed to the highest quality and what is best for the environment.
Kind Regards, Sanandra