Bulgarian Rosewater Firming Facial Toner Sample

Travel size (10 ml) - $7.00

It takes 60 roses to make one drop of this precious rosewater. Grown in the Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria, which has the magical combination of climate, soil, and terrain that the Rosa Damascena loves, this is one of the finest rosewater available worldwide.

Rosewater has been renowned for its beauty enhancing properties for thousands of years. Cleopatra regularly bathed her face and body in rosewater. It gives your skin a burst of hydration, soothing while improving texture and tone.

Our Kombucha Tea, a health elixir that has been enjoyed for centuries, has many benefits for the skin as well as bringing the vibrational imprint of the crystals that we brew it with.

Our Bulgarian Rosewater Firming Facial Toner helps to balance your skin, whether it is oily or dry. The scent of pure roses will leave you feeling refreshed, uplifted and beautiful.


For the Face:
This toner works well for any type of skin at any age.

After cleansing with Rose Geranium Face & Body Wash or Calendula Creme Facial Cleanser, let your skin dry completely.

Spritz your face, neck, and decolletage.

Let the toner absorb and dry naturally before moisturizing with Sea Chi Crème or Ultra C Facial Moisturizer with Rose Hips.

For Travelers:
Spritz your hotel room and pillow to clear the space energetically, and enjoy the sweet, harmonizing and uplifting scent of roses.

On a Hot Day:
A spritz of this toner on the back of your neck will refresh and revitalize.


Common Name:

*Certified Organic Bulgarian Rosewater Hydrosol and Kombucha Tea.

Botanical Name (INCI):

*Rosa Damascena (Rose Hydrosol), White Fermented Tea (Kombucha Tea)

*Denotes Organic + Wildcrafted 

(International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients)

No GMOs, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, petroleum-based products, parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic ingredients or fragrances.


General Precautions: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. Persons with allergies should exercise caution.

Made With Love
Tested on Friends Not Animals

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Mittelsteadt
Bulgarian Rosewater

This was the very first product sample that I tried, thanks to Sea Chi. I now use it as directed twice each day and it is a refreshing little treat every time! The scent is comforting and the delightful burst is immediately welcomed by my skin. It is the perfect preface to my follow-up moisturizing routine. 👍👍👍👍👍


I love the smell the the pureness of the rose petals. Other rose fragrance products don't smell as natural as this one does. I have oily skin and tend to feel "coated" when I try using any facial creams or lotions. It was recommended to me to just use this toner, because it also has the moisturizing factor to it. She was right!! I don't feel the layering and it I feel the moisturizing feeling. The smell is a huge plus. Love Love Love!!! this product. Will get the bigger size when I am out.

Refreshing when it is hot!

I had never used Rose Water before, but am so glad I purchased the sample of Bulgarian Rose Water Firming Facial Toner. Not only does it smell heavenly, but it is cool and refreshing in the heat of summer. My skin drank in the moisture! I will definitely be ordering a full size.