Travelers' Package

Travelers' Package ($150.00 Value) - $75.00

This set is a beautiful introduction to Sea Chi products. It contains everything you'll need to stay fresh and radiant for 2-3 weeks while traveling. All products are packaged in 2oz and under containers, perfect for carry-on luggage.

Contains one each of the following:

Rose Geranium Face & Body Wash ~ 60ml / 2oz
Custom Blend Body Oil ~ 60ml / 2oz
Sea Chi Crème ~ 30ml / 1oz
Tasmanian Lavender Shampoo ~ 60ml / 2oz
Leave On Moisturizing Treatment & Hair Growth Formula ~ 60ml / 2oz
Bulgarian Rosewater Firming Facial Toner ~ 10ml
Rehydrating Facial Serum ~ 3ml / 1/8oz

($150.00 Value)  SPECIAL $75

You'll want to keep the bottles to refill when you discover your favorite Sea Chi products. Please see individual product pages for more information on ingredients and directions.

Customer Reviews

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Travelers' Package

It has all the good things I like and is great for travel.

Lauren Hyatt

My grandparents took a trip to Palm Springs in the month of Feb. They went to a farmers market and saw the Sea Chi booth and purchased the traveler set for each of her girls. I am so pleased with the set. I haven't used the hair products but have used all the facial products a couple of times. I absolutely love them! They smell wonderful and it's even better they are naturally derived. I have troubled skin and my face has never felt cleaner or softer. I know I will purchase more when these run out. Thank you for a wonderful product. I'm excited to use the hair products. I know they won't disappoint!.

Anita Mcleod
Love it

I have been really impressed with these products and sought them out to find shampoo that was actually in glass not plastic! Although the travel package is in plastic bottles I am very impressed with the nice selection as well as the size of the items they sent. I felt like this was a good way to get to know more of their products and so far they are all wonderful! It's so nice to find a company with organic ingredients and the shipping is so fast it literally gets here the day after I order it! So far I have used their peppermint and Tasmanian lavender shampoo as well as the leave in conditioner which I've ordered separately from the travelers package. They are wonderful products smell wonderful and leave my hair clean and smelling great without any unnatural perfumes or the awful things that I am trying to avoid that are not organic! They also have sent a couple of little samples which I appreciate so much. I actually went out the leave in conditioner but I've left it into and it works great both ways. I would highly encourage anyone to get these products as I will be a long term customer!

Karon Schnably
Thumbs Up!!

This skincare package is just the answer to my 67 year old skin. Once I received the order I immediately used every item. What a wonderful experience. Right from the start I knew this was going to be a winner. I decided to go natural with my silver grey hair and had all the hair dye cut off into a buzz cut (really at my age). I cannot hide behind my hair anymore and already I look softer and more healthy with Sea Chi products. I love all of the products in the package

Linda Hallmark
Great Sample Travel Pack

I am so impressed with these products! A friend recently introduced me to Sea Chi and I decided to order the travel pack. So very happy I did as it is a great way to try several products out and perfect for travel as well. I love everything so far. Thank you so much for making such splendid healthy personal care products I am pleased to say the least.