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Incred!ble India! Since I returned home last Friday I continue to awake at 2-4 in the morning and cannot sleep any longer. My body-mind is still in India. What an amazing adventure! It was filled with so many great moments and deep, and sometimes painful learnings. Starting with the Taj Mahal which is a monument of love built by a Raja (king) for his deceased wife. It put such a spotlight on the potential of love that I lost sight of the beauty I have in my life already. As my teacher always said "comparison is the first step to unhappiness". Fortunately I found my way back to Love in the end.

We went to Mathura (birth place of Krishna), Bodhgaya, and sat under the Bodhi Tree where Buddha meditated. We went into the caves where he sat. But for me, the most touching experiences were connecting with the beautiful people of India. It was on my way back down from the caves that I had a very profound experience. There sat a young man, blind and deformed in his body with his pan held out for donations. As I approached him I could hear him say "NAMASTE, NAMASTE, NAMASTE" over and over and over again. I will never forget him. I gave him 50 rupees and one of my fellow travelers reached down and touched the side of his face. I could see that he was so moved by this. (I bet it has been a long time since anyone has touched him in that way) as she moved on I stood there watching him as he moved his hand to the other side of his face requesting another touch and continuing to chant Namaste.

Namaste means "The Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you" What a Beautiful word.
There is no such word in the English language that creates the connection that I felt when I spoke it and received it from the hundreds of people I met after this incident. What a teacher he was. I have known this word Namaste for many years but it had a whole new personalized meaning to it now. This one word went on to pave the way for the deepest experience of connection I have ever known with people whom I could not speak any other word of their language.

We made our way to Varanasi and participated in a special meditation on the sacred Ganga (called the Ganges River by the British). It was here in Varanasi where the streets were filled with such chaos that I learned about "being in the flow" with ALL Beings. There were cars, buses, tractors, cows, goats, rickshaws, dogs, bicycles, and people galore moving in every direction you can imagine and somehow it all worked. There were no accidents no red, yellow, and green lights. It all flowed and moved with such presence and purpose. My favorite image is of a donkey with a pack on its back running down the street amidst all of this. He had no human with him yet he knew exactly where he was going as if he was off to work in morning rush hour traffic. I giggle when I remember this but it was a great learning for me to accept the movement of life and to flow with it.

Next we moved on to Allahabad and joined in with the other 35 million, (yes that is right, 35 million!) other people who attended the Kumbh Mela festival. It is the largest festival of the human race which commemorates the most important episodes of Hindu mythology, including the battle between the Gods and demons for the possession of the Kumbh (pitcher) filled with Nectar. The legend immortalizes the victory of virtue over vice, good over bad, morality over immorality and life over death. We arrived on the most important bathing day when the Naga Sadhus (highest Holy Men, naked because they have denounced everything including their clothing) come down from the Himalaya Mountains and bathe in the Sangam, the holy confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati rivers. After they were finished, we were given the Blessing of bathing as well.

That night I joined several others in our group and were led to the Naga Sadhu's tent area where we were treated as their guests. We spent the entire night moving from camp to camp where we were offered and shared their Chai tea and smoked their pipes with them. We were also fed a very delicious meal. There were a few Babas who spoke broken English that translated for us, and one Beautiful man, Raj, who escorted us to the prime spots. The presence of these Beautiful Beings was astonishing. I guess I had imagined that they might be kind of spacey or out in another zone, but no way, Raj even knew that I had to pee and asked me if I needed to go now or do I want to wait until the next opportunity. I was so touched by his gentle care for me in such a simple but deeply connected and present way. This is how it was the entire time. Everyone I looked at SAW me and acknowledged me. Wow, how wonderful it would be to live this way all of the time. They do.

We met the leader of all of the Sadhus a Wonderful man, Sampat Puri Ji Maharaj who is 113 years old (he looks 70) He gave us a mantra and shared his wisdom. He said "When you have seen the lowest you are the highest. One is everything when you are zero". He also gave us this message as did several other Sadhus: "Where the Lady is worshiped, there is Wealth". In India the ladies are the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, Ram. I LOVE this! I know personally when I feel honored and adored I will will do anything for you, give you all I have. I believe most women are this way.

We also visited a very Joyful Sahdu called Kal Yugi TEA Baba. He was great. He owns nothing yet has everything. As we approached he ran quickly to his neighbors to borrow mats for us to sit on, he had torn a sarong in half to include us all. For the last 6 years he has only consumed his amazing Chai Tea (which he made for us) and smoked Hashish. He said he cries very much when he eats so he only drinks tea and smokes hash. He said "Remember the name of God in all you do, Purify your actions, behind the desire is the Divine". Sit at the right hand of God.

What a gift. I am so Blessed and so Grateful.



Notes from the trip

Mother India will show you what you Love & Resist What is Real cannot be threatened
She will bring out your preferences What does my Heart want to do
Empire of the Soul Sit back & Flow
Be Kind with each other Wait & Yearn
Watch your reactivity Om Namo Narayan
Learn to Love Everything you see Ganesh Tent Welcoming Committee
Allow All of It In Remember Our True Nature
Maya—Goddess of Illusion God Is Love
In India Men Hold Hands God is Everywhere
Bhai = Brother Love is Everyone
Bhen = Sister Guru is One
GOD = Generator - Order - Destroyer All the rivers come back to the Ocean
Krishna God of Love - Sneaky Trickster - Cow Herder If you're going to see differences make Art out of it
Cultivate Letting Go & the Knowledge will come to You Sangam - Yamuna Ganga Saraswati - Three Rivers
Who would I Be if I were Born Here?
You don't visit India you only Come Back 113 years old Sadhu Leader—Sampat Puri Ji Maharaj
Realize your Own Divine Identity MantraOm Satchit Atma Sarupaye Paribrahamaye Namah
How do You Live Within GOD? (All Is One—Soul is One—God is One)
Find Your True Will & Be Resolute The secret to Long Life - Chant the name of GOD
Death is an Intermission Where the Lady is Worshiped, there you find the Wealth
True Calmness Comes from True Seeing See the lowest - You are the Highest
The Spiritual Journey is from the background to the foreground (GOD) One is Everything when you are zero
Relaxing the Veil of illusion Take One Good Promise in Your Life
Taj Mahal - A Monument of Love Leave Your One bad habit here
The Heart just wants to Be Loved Die Again Born
Be Aware of the One who is Aware
Nirvana - extinguishing all of the body's attachments Kal Yugi TEA Baba
In the middle of the sneeze is Nirvana : Mantra - Jai Bhart Maa Om Namoh Narayam
The ego says we must have more than our means Om Shiva - Good Relations with Each Other
Give More Trust than the circumstance demands Shiva is the Original Name Of GOD
Give the Universe the opportunity to show you how much it Loves You No Food for six years. He cries very much when he eats. Only drinks Chai Tea and smokes Hashish
Are my actions Opening All Beings? Remember the name of GOD in All You Do
Wisdom is to NOT act right away Purify Your Actions
Be Ordinary - Just Become Human The Absolute & Pure Soul Are One
Behind your greatest fear is the Gift for All of Us Devote to the Lady First, then you will have Wealth
Sleep happens by the Grace of Surrender


Gods Gentle pull back Sri Digambar Sri Mustgiriji Junakaoha (Foreign visitors tent)
Be Present in All states Suram Temple
Buddha contemplated "What Is Life"? Everyone is the same kernel of Consciousness
Don't attach your Freedom to some future happening or event Sit at the Right Hand of GOD
Tibetan Buddhist - Interdependence - Action - Devotion - Help Others Don't harm Others Just Be Yourself
Om Mani Padme Om Vivek - Spiritual Discernment
Meditate On Loving Kindness Zero belief in anything
Don't halt Life while you're sitting around processing I am My Own Master
Feel Others First When what you have sought for you recognize
Offer Your Heart Wizardry on subtle plains
Be Simple in the Heart It's the edges where you grow
3 Things I need to show more Compassion-  Touch - Soften Face - Smile Surrender is earned after effort
Health is the Greatest Wealth Who Can I Give Love To?
Artfully become the thing we are in Awe Of
Our time together is so short

Scotland, England, & Ireland

Notes from the trip

 I intend to show up Fully. Have a lot of Joy
I am Joyfully on the leading edge of my experience, eager and Appreciative Cultivate Magic & Flow Trusting it
Be Generous and Patient Don’t lean into or away from things
Compassion ~ Growth through adversity Pleasantly Pleasing to yourself in the company of others
Separation creates sadness The Scent in the air is intoxicating ~~~**~~
I Am a Peacemaker ~ Shining Light in THIS Moment If you’ve got to have it in a hurry, it’s not worth having
Be rooted in your Aliveness instead of lost in your mind For those of you serious about your Spiritual practice,
I suggest you work on your Clown Chakra
How I respond shows me how Conscious I am Book ~ Spiritual Growth by Sanaya Roman  ~ Book of Meditations
Science of Compassion ~ Gregg Bradon
Come back to my Breath and the Present Moment and become Aware Don’t be dramatic, Be Theatrical
Honor my function without being totally identified with it People for the ethical treatment of Sacred Sites
All things are small things because they are transient Where is the Humor?
I Am the Awareness ~ I Am the Witness ~ I Am the Stillness Mastery of the Flow of Energy
Death is the opposite of Birth not Life Feel your level of Aliveness
Awareness is the beginning of Freedom Helping others with Aliveness
Non - resistance is one of the most important things to learn Access Life Energy ~ put it in a Spiritual bank account ~ Allow the Flow to return back ~ Give it out ~ Receive it back
I am never upset for the reason I think I am Spend on what you Love
Flowers are Powerful Healers Spiritually bi-locate
Follow the Magic Feel where your kinks are
We are the culmination of our history Keep the Energies Flowing
What is habitual ~ what is Fresh ? Whatever comes my way I use for my Evolution ~ Breath it in
When you’re moved by Magic, then take a photo  Who Am I ? Who is This One that is this way?
How we demonstrate Love ~ Look out for each other Navigate to Truth
Fun & Full of Ease Every Experience will Strengthen you
Koko - Find parts of yourself Shakti Aliveness in every moment
Karmic Relief Everything is a communication of Others
Crop Circles ~ Embrace a Unique Feel ~ Everything in you gets a Hug Follow the Magic
Music ~ Sting ~ Fields of Gold  Eva Cassidy ~ Fields of Gold
Terry ~ Druid from Avery Druids spoke Sanskrit
Stones full of Quartz Crystal Chalk is Dead Sea Creatures
Everybody comes from the same nine Mothers ~ so we are all French ☺ Mandrake~ Purple flowers
Flooded Stillness ~ Female Goddess
Ancient traditions being revealed in a modern way The Love of letting go ~ The elixir of transformation
Brain is an intention device ~ what thoughts are you having? Magical practice ~ watching what you watch
The Something that watches what you watch ~ that’s what Sees Fairies When you don’t want anything to change, everything can change
Be with Magic ~ Allow your front surface to Open ~ you are in communion with God ~ taking in the whole way Breath the connection ~ Attract Light It’s the space between what you see that gives it shape/ form
Glastonbury ~ Releasing the Medicine that you are ~ Aha Astrotheology ~ Michael Tsarion ~ Jordon Maxwell ~ The Suns of God
You forgot you were the continual noticing of your Heart Surrender ~ Keep renewing myself in the Divine
Emotionally act as if the room is your Lover Spiritually Sculpting Moments
Miracles happen when you are giving and receiving Love Keep a Magic Journal
Lilacs and Wisteria Lift your pleasures to enjoyment
To see the Sacred is to lift it by seeing the Beauty I am the Source of my Aliveness
Bow to Divinity ~ Never a person
What can I do to contribute to your success?
Time of Goddess & Green Man ~ Time of Fruition
Women owned land and passed it to their daughters Pre- Ice Age Forest ~ Nature survives no matter what ~ Flora & Fauna from Africa
Trees and stones are their ancestors ~ were here before the two legged Black Oaks & Apple Trees ~ Walking on the bones of our ancestors
Lee Valley brought Healing The Nature of Love is not safe
Am I my brothers’ keeper? Be willing to support Family Consciousness
What you don’t have is exactly what you have to give The noticing of otherness hides our own activity
Pagan means The First Three Graces to Cultivate ~ Tenderness * Generosity * Respect *
Don’t be ruled by your preferential security Once you know, You Know
Don’t display your freaked outness ~ Never reveal your fears Transcending of the self~ help another ~ lend a hand
It’s as special as you make it Slange ~ Slangeva (sp?)  To your good health
 Bus driver Tony ~ Limerick ~ “ buried him upside down to get the change out of his pockets because he was so cheap ”  ☺ haha  Seeing double, feeling single
People gathered under Sacred Oak Trees
The most addictive thing on the planet is LOVE You can’t have Love and restricted breath
All of our ideas of Spirituality are revealed for what they are ~ looking for security Continually let go and you become lighter
Truth is the Ultimate Expression May the words we speak be wiser than the Silence that we break
It’s the company you keep Love is the Law
Keep everyone’s Heart Warm Free Clear Clean & True The Nature of Love is to give up your position
All my fears are unfounded Struggle is effort laced with negative emotion
Get away from “how did I create this” Find the Sweet Spot
Help crack the tightness of your mind Love is the Law ~ Thou shalt not have a serious constitution
Gather the Warmth within you Salt is Sacred ~ dried by the Sun
Tree people talk ~ Stones are the storytellers Eight ~ FOUR LEAF CLOVERS FOUND ~ One FIVE LEAF CLOVER FOUND
The Goddess is Alive and Magic is her foot BOOK ~ The Sacred Whore
Weavers ~ Dreamers ~ Soul Singers ~ Crones To see Fairies you must Open your Heart & become one with Nature like a Child
The Light of God disguised as a Beautiful face  ~ Aha Sheela~na~gig  ~ Meditate into your womb
The Body Mind remembers Dolphins, Swans & Wolves mate for life
 Fungi the Healing Dolphin ~ women who wish to become pregnant Shaman the Snailman
Believe in them more than they believe in themselves Right On ~ Fuckin A ~ SHAA!
Amantha took us into the Heart & Womb of Ireland Midwife of Beauty & Grace ~ You made us all feel Irish
The Irish started everything! Haha There really are Fairies
You taught us that our presence is valued in Nature BOOK ~ Undefended Love
Want without having to have Live by the Magic you have been Loved by ~ The Magic of no resistance
Wealth is not his who has it but his who enjoys it We carry a transmission of Love with people who take care of each other
Celebration is our way Happy recipient of the Happy award
Magic is Being Human & Being Seen for who you really are Laughter & Pleasure ~ Miracle & Magic are commonplace
Be the Magic ~ Every person is a teacher Be willing to be big in the world ~ bi-locate yourself