Sanandra's Travels

Mastery Training Fiji ~ Alan Cohen

Notes from the trip

 I find Myself In each Breath I hired him to exaggerate the way I talk to myself
Every direction that I aim my Consciousness in Flowers it Growing & Learning
Rest as who I am Get to the place where I feel good about myself
Quality requires Presence I have to Be the right person to Attract the right person
I Am Enough ~ I don't have to qualify myself for being on the planet by digging up an old story that was merely one experience in my Life ~ I Am Ever-Changing and Growing I Trust my hopes not my fears
Spirit, please show me the Truth about this
Let go of my preferences Trust the timing of things
Spirit has our best interest at Heart All journeys have destinations of which the travelers are not aware Once I get Clear the decision will reveal itself
Book: Journey To The East ~ Hermann Hesse Every experience that anyone has ever had is still in the Universe
The Journey down into My Heart ~ Have Fun along the way When I think any thought I am sending a pipeline
Simple Kindness and I have access to everything in that realm
I spot it, I got it
Building Spiritual Confidence Focus on something for 17 seconds and add emotion to it
If I have something important to say ~ say the end at the beginning and I will be taken to the next level
Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you
If it's not Fun, hire it done Hurt people ~ hurt people
Sometimes the things that bug me the most Open me the most The critical voice is not my own
I can't hear until I’m ready to hear An insult is a boon to a Sage
Trust, Allow Support, and take the risk My attention is my strongest investment
Sometimes I can't change my environment but Everyone I meet is playing out my intention
I can always change my mind Why would I keep paying to go see the same bad movie?
Wouldn't it be sad if I finally found a man I COULD Trust
My True calling lies at the intersection of and I lost him because I didn't Trust him?
my deep Joy and the world’s deep hunger
As soon as I Trust myself, I will know how to Live