What Others Say About Us


This morning I was working with an elderly patient who had a strong histamine reaction to the microcurrent. Her skin became very red and itchy and nothing seemed to relieve the itching. Fortunately, there was a tester bottle of the Sea Chi cream in the office. A thin application of the cream completely relieved the itching and she was able to relax and enjoy her treatment.

Thank you!

Carol Ito

~ L.Ac., D.C.H., C.Ht., Licensed Acupuncturist

Thanks again - so very much - for the beautiful and loving products that you create! I continue to enjoy them. Blessings for a peace-filled and happy holiday season!

Thank you!

Carolyn Agosta

~ Healing Garden World.com

I am really REALLY enjoying your products - and the service. The jasmine oil is a new favorite...for myself....and my lover. Smile. And thank you again.

I met you at Earth Day in Santa Barbara. My mom and I love your products! My aunt was recovering from treatments for Heptitis—she was having a hard time getting her hair to grow back. Last Christmas, I gave her your hair products and this season she has a full head of hair and is asking where to find those products! She said "I have looked everywhere, in bath stores, health food stores, aromatherapy stores and more" I told her these products are much too special to be found over a counter at the chain bath stores:). If you could send me a few cards with my order I will be sure my aunt gets one. Thank you for your wonderful products!


I have been a fan of your products for many years, ever since I purchased the original Sea Chi Crème from a store in Palm Springs. Just as I was running out I discovered your site and was thrilled to continue to be a loyal fan from Canada.

I have turned all my friends into Sea Chi addicts as well.


I simply love every product—my skin is velvet soft, clear and bright. I just turned 66 last month and I look 50 (so people tell me). Thank you for such great products—Good luck in Peru and many blessing for your work.


Sanandra: I just love your products my skin feels like a baby's skin again. God bless you and thank you, they are like a spiritual experience to me.


~ Miami Beach

The facial serum, its so awesome!! I just tried it for a couple of days and I already see a big difference--diminished appearance of fine lines under the eyes and also the puffiness (bag) seems to have flattened out somehow--how is this all possible!?!?! I thought I had to resort to plastic surgery but now I don't think it looks that bad anymore:))) I'm so happy:)) I can smile and not worry about the dry, creasing lines under the eyes—does it only get better with time?? I hope so:) thank you so much!

With sincere regards,


Thank you for your wonderful products that are so obviously made with love! We especially have enjoyed the Sambac Lover's Oil. WOW!!


~ Auburn, California