What Others Say About Us

Hello My Dear,

I have to tell you that after my horrible accident I have had tremendous success with the Sea Chi Crème on my burns. The crème has stopped the itching completely. On the skin grafts the burns used to be bright red and are now turning white like my skin should look. I love the crème and would strongly suggest that all people that have had to deal with the unfortunate affects of burn injuries use it not only on the skin grafts but on the donor sites as well. It is indeed a miracle in my life. Thank you so much.


Dear Sanandra,

I love your Sea Chi Crème. I forgot how Divine the scent is and how wonderful it feels. You have really followed your guidance and we all (the world) benefit by it. Your dedication and commitment are such an inspiration. I am thrilled to have been able to watch a few of the steps along the way. WOW! Perseverance and belief in yourself. WOW!

Many Blessings and I Love You,


Dear Sanandra,

Just thought I'd write you to let you know how wonderful your Sea Chi Crème has worked for me. I have had a seven inch C-section scar that I've been using your Sea Chi Crème on and it has diminished the visibility and color of the scar to almost nothing, you can hardly see it's even there. Thanks so much for your great product and for your recommendation.


Big Bear Farmers Market Client

Your Kombucha Tea has been working wonders for me. I had caught a cold and felt a sore throat coming on. After drinking your Kombucha Tea not only did my sore throat go away, I felt as if I didn't even have a cold. It was really nice because I had a mid term exam due this week and it didn't put me back at all.

Thank you,


~ Los Angeles, CA

I found you doing a Google search for a natural moisturizing treatment for dry hair. Your Leave On Moisturizer is quite the buzz online. I was very excited to try Sea-Chi. The 3 products I have used so far are so very lovely. My hair, my body, my senses can never imagine using anything else from this day forward. As you can see I am now ordering almost all of your other products. Thank you very much....I am most grateful.


~ Colorado

I've received a lot of compliments (one recently from my dermatologist) since I'm using this product. It feels great on my skin and the fragrance is perfect.


~ Tennessee

Thank you so much for your amazing products. I get constant compliments on my skin and people always ask what my secret is. I use many products but the one I always share is Seachi.com. I tell them your products are the best, and I know this to be true. The Love and quality of the ingredients you put in makes your product unlike any other and for that I thank you


~ California

I love your products!!!!! I am allergic to most all creams I have tried but yours are wonderful for me.


I have been using the Moisturizing Treatment & Hair Growth Formula for about two months and I love it. I never spend this much on products but I had a feeling about your company and I was right on. I just received several more products and I want to say THANK YOU for filling the containers to the top. All of your personal touches truly are greatly appreciated. You Rock!

Thanks again,

Jen Linguri

~ Callicoon Center, NY

I'm delighted with the body crème and the body wash! Your products are the best I've found and I've had a winter with less dry skin than I can ever remember! Thanks Sanandra for following your passion!

Pam Tiff

~ Saco, Maine