What Others Say About Us

Dear Sanandra,

Thank you so much for your stellar products and your kind, generous and trusting heart. You truly are a bright and shining star.

God Bless You,


Dear Sanandra,

Thank you again for your clarity and presence as you perform your role of medium and channel for the energy of the plants. My session with you, and the subsequent use of your products has made a dramatic change in my life and in my work.

I have used the personalized 'spray of blessings' in my treatment room each day after meditation and yoga, and the results are that there are people coming into my practice who are even more than I had imagined. There is appearing a quality of patient that is every practitioner's dream.

The intention that I set for my personal life has also unfolded in a very easy and agreeable way, as I continue to use the scent of the plants that you helped me to choose intuitively.

Those were intentions that I had set. What came as a complete surprise to me is my response to the Sea Chi Crème. When you gave me the sample, I thought it was just a very nice crème with a pleasant smell. But the results are amazing. I began using it one day instead of my usual pharmacy prescription, and a painful and disconcerting skin problem is disappearing with no more pain at all. Now I am using it regularly as a preventive, and I am ordering two large pump bottles of it plus several small travel sizes for trips and for gifts to introduce it to friends.

I look forward to seeing what continues to unfold as I use your products. I also encourage you to take note that you carry a powerful ability to assist people in realizing a potential that they may not even be conscious is theirs. You use plants that are widely known, but you introduce them to people in a way that allows them to achieve their dreams.

About 15 years ago I saw an art film entitled 'The Sorceress.' It was about a woman in medieval times who used plants to heal. She was misunderstood by many, but revered by those who could see who she was. Regardless of how many revere you and how many misunderstand you, I hope you continue to recognize that you are an expression of the Divine Mother here on earth.

Many blessings,

Thomas Eyring

~ L.Ac.

Love - love - love your products. My skin is the best it has ever been and I am 66 years young. People think I'm in my early 50's. Thanks for such excellent products.


~ Minnesota

Dear Sanandra,

I've passed your products along to family members and it has really helped one of my sisters with her skin problems (it's a genetic flaw called Darier's disease—she gets flare-ups and irritation) and while it will never go away it has given some relief to the redness and itching. I think your products and way of commerce are just lovely—please don't give it up anytime soon!

Warm regards,


I started using the Peppermint Shampoo & Moisturizing conditioner upon arrival, it's been about 5 weeks now and I can't believe the fabulous condition/restoration of my hair. I've always had sensitive skin, with Eczema the primary culprit, living in the dryness of the high desert doesn't help either. I developed an itchy scalp (I think that comes with my age & being postmenopausal) that I didn't know what to do with and came upon your site. There isn't enough room for the praise I give these 2 products, yes they're pricey but I now consider it money well spent. Who knows what a dermatologist & medication could have cost!

Thank you,


~ Tehachapi, CA

I've just recently noticed how effective Sea Chi Crème is in removing age spots and sun damage from my arms and face. Thanks, Sanandra.'




I wanted to share with you one of many profound experiences I had with the Sea Chi Crème on my pets. One of my pets is a Xolo (hairless dog), and out of the blue, he started to continually lick the tops of his front paws. He had licked them so much that he had multi small scabby bumps. I thought about his diet, but he is on one of the best holistic foods, so I ruled that out. I tried some basic treatments with no luck. Since I use the Sea Chi Crème on myself, one morning I put a small amount of the cream on the top of each paw and continued this once each day for three days. I was totally amazed that in just three days he was not licking his paws, and within a week the bumps were gone and his skin was totally clear. I think the Sea Chi Crème performs miracles for pets as well. Thank you for this outstanding product and the miracles you put into each jar.

Barbara Morrison

~ Animals Talk, Palm Springs, California

Hi Sanandra,

Just wanted to let you know that Carol had these words for your product: "This is the BEST product I have ever used in my entire life." So, wanted to pass this on. Carol doesn't usually rave on. She sure is about this. Just wanted you to know.

Love to you,


Hi Sanandra,

I am so impressed with your Sea Chi line, and would be in big trouble if you ever stop making it. I have used the crème on my face for the last year or so and people keep asking me if I've had a face lift and how I stay looking so young. My legs were just beyond any help until I started using the oil twice a day. I just smooth it on, and then put a layer of the Crème on top of that. Well...they look like different legs. I am so pleased.



~ Asheville, NC

My wife and I met you at the Big Bear Farmers Market and were at first skeptical, but I did end up purchasing a bottle of tea and WOW. I have already seen several changes for the better. I have just placed an order for two additional bottles on your web site. I am not one to easily admit that something has made such a change so I will reserve total judgment until I finish "testing."

Thanks Again,