What Others Say About Us


I am happy to offer an endorsement: These crèmes are soothing to the body and soul; filled with quality and love. Blessings.

Alan Cohen

~ Author of 20 Inspirational books, including the classic, The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, and the award-winning, A Deep Breath of Life. Maui, Hawaii

"Wow, what a rush! Add Sanandra's Kombucha Tea to your practice."

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

~ Agape International Spiritual Center, Los Angeles, CA

Wishing you and the all team a beautiful New Year. Thank you for putting so much love in what you are doing.

You are a mentor to me.

JC Huon

~ NY, NY

I have been ordering from Isabella Catalog. I am a picky esthetician and I always go back to your products. Nothing beats them.


~ Las Vegas

I love your products endlessly. The Sea Chi Crème is a mainstay for my skin. Flowers were delivered the other day and I brushed against some of the greenery, resulting in a angry, itchy, hive reaction on the back of my hand. Sea Chi to the rescue. What a wonder. Looking forward to trying the Lime Wash. Thank you for offering a plastic bottle—as much as I prefer glass, I don't feel safe bringing glass into my tile shower.

Bridget Harrington

~ Bellevue, Washington

Thank you so much for creating and maintaining such a wonderful product line! My hair began thinning about 3 years ago (when I started a new medication). At first, I didn't mind because I had thick hair that had always been a challenge to manage. But, I began to get really panicked last spring. After an extra stressful year combined with late nights and unhealthy eating patterns, clumps had been falling out pretty continuously. I tried several natural remedies, including other organic hair lines and sprays. I even used different types of oils on my scalp, hoping to heal the problem. When I stumbled onto your product, I had become pretty hopeless. I felt like there was something unique about your items.... Honestly, I am so blessed by your company. The entire experience of ordering is a pleasure. Shipping to IL is so fast! There are always samples of more amazing products to try with each order! The best news of all, my hair stopped falling out after about 3 weeks. I don't have to use it daily, and yet my hair continues to grow like a weed! I have sprigs of new growth all over my head, and I've even been putting it on my eyebrows, which were also very thin. I just wanted to thank you for your time, wisdom, and care! I've already been recommending your products to anyone who asks about my hair growth and I hope more people will find the help they need. It was so scary to be losing hair and not know how to stop it! I thank God for finding you, as it was an answer to my prayers. I hope and pray He blesses you all! Thank you so much,


~ Lombard, Illinois

Dear Sanandra-
I have written before to thank you for the love in your products. Now I thank you for the unconditional love in your heart. After reading about your spiritual journey and the Intenders of the Highest Good, I began the practice of positive intention.

Recently my family went through the experience of the critical injury of our daughter who was in a head-on collision. Positive intention, meditation and the energy healing practice of qigong are the tools that have helped me stay calm and be of service to my daughter.

Bless you and thank you!


I'm having great success with your Sea Chi Crème. I have hair loss due to hypothyroid/adrenal fatigue. My body has a hard time absorbing nutrients. I noticed that my hairline is returning. This kind of happened by accident since I put the crème on my face and well . . . around the hairline. My eyebrows are thickening as well. Now I'm using it on my scalp and I have seen much improvement. This is really a big deal to me.

Hair loss is so dramatic for women. For the past few years I have tried everything including hypnosis, every supplement imaginable, acupuncture, hair tonics and even the Hairmax laser comb. I have spent countless dollars seeing doctors, practitioners, astrologers, tarot readers, etc. ;).

Now I have finally become something I really wanted to be … a testimonial. Like most people with health issues, all you want is relief and to be able to move on with your life. Now I'm a Kombucha fan.


~ Chicago, IL

I continue to be so thrilled with your products! I am in the process of not only making changes about what I put in my body, but being extremely selective about what I use on the outside as well. Switching to your products, products that don't contain the harmful chemicals that so many of us have used for so long, has made a huge difference for me. The Sea Chi Crème is amazing and with continuous use of the Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Growth Treatment my hair has never looked so good! Thanks a million!

P.S. Love, love, love the Jasmine Sambac Lovers' Oil! I ordered a small bottle last time to see what it was like--I'll definitely be ordering a bigger size next time around!


~ Tennessee

I fell in love with your products the first day I tried them a few months ago, I have acne prone problem skin, even though I'll turn 50 soon. Your stuff is the best!

Sue J.