What Others Say About Us

I received Sea Chi Crème for Christmas (I read the praises about it in the Isabella catalog.) I have some dermatitis on my face. I have been given prescriptions from doctors that didn't work. Sea Chi healed it! So now, I am going to test all of your other products.


~ Gales Ferry, CT

I absolutely LOVE your products. I am 52 years old and am told constantly how much younger than that I look. Just yesterday, at a bridal shower, was told that I look 25!!! Boy, did that make me feel GREAT!

I'm so glad I found your company. Keep up the good work!


A woman approached me in the grocery store as I was looking for a new cleanser. She noticed I was looking at organic products and said a client of hers had introduced her to your Sea Chi line and she thought it was so wonderful that she promised herself she would tell as many people as she could. I looked it up online and am trying the traveler’s pack to try a good sampling of your products.

I also loved the bio of Sanandra and am happy to support companies that stand for things that are also important to me...thanks.


I absolutely adore your products— I don't think I'll ever change to anything else, unless you come up with something new and exciting—I'm yours for life!


~ Massachusetts

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been searching longer than I can tell you for a skin-care line that I was 100% satisfied with. My search is over. I am forever a Sea Chi Crème lover. It was definitely worth the wait. I am on my third jar and have "upgraded" to the larger size.

I just purchased the traveler pack and can't wait to try the other products. I am no longer "persuaded" or even tempted to try other products with all the hype and promises. I knew at once that my search was over. Thank you so much and your story alone is such an inspiration— here's to following your heart.

Julie Swaffield

I am really looking forward to this order. I ran out of my small bottle of the custom blend oil. I love it! I've been applying it to the psoriasis behind my ears. This area is very sore and usually cracked. The oil helps it and doesn't hurt at all. Most things burn but not the oil. Your essential oils are amazing and don't irritate my nose. I love every product you make that I have tried.

Thank you again for your special products.



~ Mississippi

Many thanks for your wonderful products! I wanted to write you a short message to let you know how I've been using your products lately.

I live in Michigan and my skin is drier than usual during the winter. One morning I decided to take a few drops of your Serum and mix it with some Sea Chi Cream in the palm of my hand. Then I spread the concoction all over my face and neck. It works just GREAT and gives me the much needed moisture my skin is crying for.

Many Blessings to you on the journey of a lifetime!

Barbara P.

~ Michigan


Thank you for all the beauty that you bring into this world. Your products are still the best and I am so glad I met you.



Have been using your cream for years and can't live without it!


~ Flagstaff, AZ

Found your hair treatment, tried it and love it. My hairdresser has told me never to purchase expensive conditioners because they are all the same, but I didn’t listen and bought your Leave On Moisturizing Treatment & Hair Growth Formula because my hair is SO dry and coarse curly. After using the product twice, it was time for a visit to my hairdresser and she asked what I have been using because my hair felt like a new head of hair!


~ Florida