What Others Say About Us

Dear Sanandra,

I have been using your Sea Chi Crème, Rose Geranium Face & Body Wash and the Custom Blend Body Oil. I have been using these products for only a few weeks, and I have noticed a great improvement in my skin. I have adult acne and a very small patch of psoriasis on my face—WOW what an improvement. I also suffer from small patches of psoriasis on my body—the products have made my lesions less dry and flaky.

Cathy Ciccaglione

~ Presto, PA


I purchased the Sea Chi Crème for hair a week ago Sunday from you in Malibu. I have only had one opportunity to apply it to my hair, but I do want to tell you about a different experience.

Two days ago on Sunday evening I was entertaining guests and demonstrating my culinary skills with my wok. Absent-minded, I gave a swirl with the wok intending to spread the peanut oil evenly around. But my awkward movement led to oil splashing out onto my left index finger. I immediately washed it off and placed the finger inside a cold pack and continue to cook dinner.

 Later in the evening I decided to apply the Sea Chi Crème to see whether it would have beneficial effects. Ordinarily I would have placed aloe on the burn, but none was available. So, for two days now I have been applying the cream approximately three times a day to the affected area. The results are dramatic, what would have been a severe potentially third-degree burn is barely a scab and seems to be well on its way to healing with new skin growing from beneath. Additionally I enjoy the aroma.

I do not know the differences of your formulations, but I thought the essential ingredients would be beneficial. I am quite pleased so far with your product in this particular instance, now I only hope it helps me grow thicker hair. My personal vanity with regard to thinning hair led me to purchase the product as a test. But with this particular burn scenario, I have come to believe in the wondrous powers of the Kombucha.

Thank you for introducing me to this unique product.


I was concerned with red patches on my face. I found out it was rosacea and didn't know what to use. I began using Sea Chi Crème every day on my face, and I no longer have rosacea spots. I also noticed my skin is very radiant, soft, and looks great!

Alexandra Becket

~ Beverly Hills, CA


I found your Sea Chi Crème while waiting for a massage in a Palm Springs salon. I brew kombucha, saw it as an ingredient and didn't even test it; I knew it would be right for me. I had no idea how wonderful it would make my skin feel. I normally take very good care of my skin and moisturize daily, so it was not in bad condition to begin with, which is why I cannot get over the remarkable difference. Please don't stop making it. I will be back for more —my husband says my skin is like silk. I've already tossed out all the other crèmes and lotions in my cabinets!

Linda Marten

Sea Chi Crème came very highly recommended from my aesthetician-turned-aromatherapist friend whom I have known for 15 years. When it comes to natural products, it is her opinion I trust. She actually sent me a jar. Having highly reactive skin, I was incredibly pleased that my skin only reacted positively! As an aesthetician, I started recommending Sea Chi Crème to my most sensitive clients with grand results. Maine winters are rough on skin. I see lots of eczema and other non-specific dermatitis and just plain dry skin. Sea Chi Crème is a light feeling crème that heals beautifully, naturally. I really have a hard time keeping enough on the shelves of my skin care business. It is one of the first crèmes I have experienced that is merely perfect for a number of different skin types. Thank you for caring so that the rest of us get to experience the quality and love you put into your product. I guess you can tell that I am proud to carry your product on my shelves.

Ann Carey Sinden

~ Cire Skincare, Kittery, Maine

Dearest Sanandra,

I had back surgery and bells' palsy. Both situations I was given several pharmaceuticals that did not agree with my skin. Guess what? Your wonderful blend of oil keeps my skin looking fresh and healthy. I am amazed at the results I, am, with Sea Chi Crème. I have used it faithfully for many years on my face and chest and there is a remarkable improvement. God Bless and inspire your mission.

Irene A. Hall

~ Holistic Health Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner/Operator, Palm Desert Healing Arts Center

Sea Chi Crème is a quantum leap beyond commercial luxury crèmes. Its ingredient list is of the highest integrity and has the most gorgeous aroma that only true pure products have. I love using it in my hands-on work.

D.L. Bradford

~ Body Work Practitioner, Palm Springs, CA

I've used Sea Chi Crème and Oil for the past several years as I've traveled around the world and found its benefits undeniable... As a tour guide, I am exposed to many different kinds of water for bathing. Also, due to my prolonged exposure to the sea and sun, my skin is constantly experiencing extremes. Its soothing, moisturizing benefits are evident. Less obvious is its subtle healing influence that energetically takes the edge off the environmental harshness I am exposed to.

Ray Johnston

~ Ojai, California

I have lupus and have found it wonderful for joint pain and the dry skin problems. It's a super product!

Jan C.

~ Palm Springs, CA

Hi Sanandra,

I just finished my first batch of tea!!! Very exciting. The difference in my energy level and health is amazing. You're doing wonderful things on this planet, Sanandra. Thanks for being here! Peace, love, blessings and wonder,

T. Dean Adams

~ Columbia, SC